Wooden Nickel Program

Dr. Bowlby and Dr. Miller feel one of the greatest gifts they can give their patients is to teach them good habits. Taking care of their teeth while they have braces is one of these good habits. Therefore, we have instituted the "Wooden Nickel Program" to develop these good habits. Wooden Nickels can be used to "buy" an assortment of prizes. We want our patients to be rewarded for all their hard work.


Here is how you earn tokens


Refer a friend who starts treatment

=10 tokens

Like us on Facebook

=3 tokens

Wear Orthodontic T-shirt to appointments

=1 token

Awesome Brushing and flossing

=1 token

No Loose or broken appliances

=1 token

Excellent rubber band wear

=1 token

Check in on Facebook

=1 token

Appointment between 10am-2pm

=1 token

For every A on your report card

=1 token

Wooden Nickels are not given out for:

  1. Emergency Appointments
  2. Separators being placed
  3. After braces come off and only retainers are worn

You may turn in your Wooden Nickels for prizes at any time!!!